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Detroit Tigers Links: Nick Castellanos' trade potential & Austin Jackson's spring training numbers

Nick Castellanos might be good trade bait for a potential closer, Austin Jackson is hitting well this spring but you wouldn't know it, and Jhonny Peralta mistook clam chowder for potato soup. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Austin Jackson's best Grapefruit shots going for naught for Tigers
The Detroit News, Lynn Henning

I wouldn't really say it's for naught. I mean, he's hitting bullets. I'm thinking they work themselves into base hits by the start of the regular season. Which is, after all, what matters.

Nick Castellanos and the Tigers’ closer
The Hardball Times, Jeff Moore

The Tigers have a big hole and a top prospect to trade to fill it, but a trade partner could prove difficult to find during spring training.

Tigers rank 20th of 30 MLB teams in affordable beer prices
Detroit Free Press, Brian Manzullo

We're here to bring you the news that really matters -- beer. Beer matters.

Peralta says he mistook clam chowder for potato soup
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

I mean, I guess that's easy to do? But I'd make the argument that clams and potatoes taste nothing alike. So maybe stop eating after the first bite.

Don Kelly’s Case To Make Detroit Tigers’ 25-Man Roster Is Not A Good One
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder

As if that has ever mattered.

2013 American League Central Preview
All Sports Talk, Lee Panas

Find out where your favorite AL Central team is projected to finish in 2013. Each expert provides a team by team preview of the AL Central.

Goose Gossage vs. Mariano Rivera
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

Macaroni and cheese vs. Rice-A-Roni. Go. (Also, if anyone picks Rice-A-Roni we won't be friends)

Greetings from America's Oldest Ballpark
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

Your intrepid author recently traveled to a dusty corner of Arizona to bring you tales of an ancient ballpark that once hosted Hall of Famers aplenty.

The Prediction Machine says … Los Angeles Angels most likely to win the World Series
Big League Stew, Mike Oz

What this actually means is they're likely to not win the World Series.