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Bless You Boys Podcast 69: I'm a Smyly guy!

Allison has the night off, so Al and Kurt welcome back Ian Casselberry on this week's Bless You Boys Podcast!

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BYB Podcast 69 has a running time of 1:04 and features Kurt Mensching, Al Beaton and Ian Casselberry.


Tigers find the Rick Porcello trade market underwhelming.

What is Porcello's worth in a trade?

Reports claim the Tigers are concerned by their lack of a long reliever. Drew Smyly is rumored to fill that role, and could be heading north with the Tigers as a swingman. Would he and the Tigers be better served for the future if Smyly was taking a regular turn in the Mud Hens' rotation instead?

5th outfielder bingo! Who wins the last spot on the 25 man roster?

Casper Wells could be the new Ramon Santiago.

Don Kelly has the inside line to win a backup outfielder job.

I can't say I'd be too worried about a team that should win 95 games.-Kurt Mensching, Bless You Boys

Tigers farmhand Cesar Carrillo is made an example of by MLB and is suspended 100 games for just being named in the Biogenesis documents and (more vindictively on MLB's part) refusing to rat players out.

MLB wants Ryan Braun's head on a pike and is will make morally questionable moves in order to do so.

Funny thing is, the only people who are outraged by PED reports at this point are MLB brass and the traditional baseball media. Just look at the popularity of the NFL. Jaded fans, bloggers and online media either don't care or turn a blind eye to PED's.

Fernando Rodney's Magic Plantain wins the the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic. (Can someone get a fancy banana to Bruce Rondon?)

Did Team USA have the wrong attitude going into the WBC?

The media wants it both ways. They claim to love the on-field celebrations and emotion seen in the WBC, but don't want players breaking so-called unwritten rules, such as showing emotion and possibly showing up the opposition, in the regular season.

Closing music: Denny McClain, "The Girl From Ipanema / Meditation"

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