A possible fix to the 5th starter debate.

I, along with just about every other Tiger fan has an opinion on who the Tigers 5th starter should be, mine just happens to be a bit unconventional.

My thoughts are that the Tigers should implement a 6-man rotation with the unconventional part being that Verlander would still pitch every 5th day. The benefits of doing this would be...

1) Verlander gets to eat taco bell every 5th day.

2) The "trade Porcello" chatter would wane.

3) We would get both Smyly and Porcello in the rotation while it also limits the innings for Smyly as he has yet to be stretched out for the workload.

4) Given that Max has a very violent delivery It would limit Scherzer to 150-165 innings thus keeping the dreaded dead arm syndrome at bey.

5) It keeps our guys rested for the play-off push as well as the post-season. As for Verlander... Gods do not need rest.

A small sample. Days off would be rotating skipped starts for Porcello and Smyly.

Game 1: Verlander

Game 2: Scherzer

Game 3: Fister

Game 4: Sanchez

Game 5: Porcello

Game 6: Verlander

Game 7: Smyly

Game 8: Scherzer

Game 9: Fister

Game 10: Sanchez

Game 11: Verlander

Game 12: Porcello

Game 13: Smyly

Game 14: Scherzer

Game 15: Fister

Game 16: Verlander

Feel free to give me your opinions, whether it be a scripted verbal lashing or a good ole' atta boy.

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