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Welcome Phil Coke's Brain

What have we been up to? Oh, just adding the most funny tweeter you know. How bout'chu?

You know him. You love him. You follow him on Twitter, but you don't follow us.

It's Phil Coke's Brain.

And now he's just another member of the borg, Samara we're gunning for you and we get what we want Bless You Boys' premier funnyman.

But seriously, there are not many truly funny people out there. A lot try, but not many truly make me laugh. So there was no one better than PCB to bring on board at Bless You Boys to help us round out the coverage as your best source for Tigers news, opinion and fun.

Phil, or Mr. Brain as I like to call him, has branched out a bit, added a blog and become a more all-purpose talent rather than a pure parody of Phil Coke. So I've asked him just to share with us whatever he finds funny throughout the day. It can be something he sees on Twitter or YouTube, or it can be his own unique creations. It can be about the Tigers, but maybe it's just general MLB or sports silliness.

He's sure to add that touch of irreverence needed to counteract my curmudgeonness and to make each of your visits to BYB a little better.

Welcome aboard, Mr. Brain! We're very glad to have you.