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Kyle Lohse signing: What does it mean to the Tigers?

The last quality starting pitcher came off the board on Monday when the Brewers came to an agreement with Kyle Lohse. Did Rick Porcello's trade value just go up?

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The last big free agent domino -- no offense to a former Tiger -- has fallen. Kyle Lohse has come to a multi-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. (MLB Daily Dish is staying on top of this story.)

This brings up the question: What's the impact of the Lohse signing in Detroit?

The Brewers are of course in the National League and the Tigers weren't going to sign Lohse. But they do have a starting pitcher too many (in people's minds, anyway).

Could Rick Porcello (or Drew Smyly, the half of the equation seldom mentioned) have become more valuable? Could the Rangers be even more interested?

The easy answer to the first question probably "yes." That one is almost by default. Lohse is a possibility off the board. There pickings are slim. What better to seek than a young, cost-controlled veteran starter from a team with a bit of depth? The answer to the second question, I do not know.

Now is a good time to direct you to my post from Saturday: Rick Porcello will not be traded before Opening Day. I still believe that to be the case.

I could also point you toward Rob's post, which states that Porcello's trade value should be pretty high. Porcello's surplus value isn't going to change just because Lohse signed with Milwaukee.

But that's the analytical side of things. If a team is making a move during the final week of spring training, it's more likely out of desperation than it is a planned move based on a calculated look at surplus values.

One point of interest: The Rangers were the runner-up in the Lohse stakes, USA Today's Bob Nightengale wrote. The Rangers probably sound familiar to you. They were also said to be interested in acquiring Rick Porcello. Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal wrote last week:

Talks with the Rangers do not appear to be at an advanced stage, but the names of two Texas prospects - shortstop Leury Garcia and right-hander Nicholas Tepesch - apparently are on the Tigers' wish list. The Tigers also would want a third player added to that package, but the Rangers would be reluctant to move even Tepesch in a Porcello deal, sources say.

So, my snap take: If Porcello were to be traded, his value just went up. He's looked spectacular this spring, and he might just be the best option for a team looking to add a starter at the last second.

But I believe the Lohse move also means Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski will demand a high return for the righty who'll almost certainly be filling out his rotation. I still don't think a team will actually pay that.

Are the Rangers now desperate enough to meet the Tigers' demands? I don't know. I doubt it, though. So though Porcello's value may be higher, this might actually make the likelihood of a trade even less.

What's your take?