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A Tuiasosopo by any other name ...

The important work of coming up with a nickname for Matt Tuiasosopo.

2E flips the ball.
2E flips the ball.
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

As the likelihood of Matt Tuiasosopo showing up on opening day roster increases it is time to find a shorter name for the man.

One Tweeter suggested "2E" a couple of days ago, not bad. I think that works pretty well for short hand. Are there others?

How about:

Not bad. A bit too simple?

Come on, there is only one Red Pop

Is dad a hockey fan? That is very hockey nicknameish

Too mean. Hey, we can't pick our cousins. Except maybe in Kentucky somehow. Not sure about that.

Honorable mention:

@TRap1680 Special Agent Osopo

@BaconDrips Sammy Sopo

There were more suggested without clear consensus. Then came this gem from Tom Gage:

That settles the matter. Matt Tuiasosopo is now "Big Squiggles"