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Tigers beat writer hardiness power rankings

Which of your favorite Tigers beat writers will complain about the weather the least?

It's going to be cold.
It's going to be cold. has released its much anticipated predictions for the weather in Minneapolis. Their thoughts? Sunny and high of 34 degrees. While that is cold, it is nothing more severe than an average winter day in Michigan.

But it's not important how cold it is outside, it's important how much we see people complain about it. Here is my list of complainers starting with the wussiest first, and finishing with the most robust.

10. Lynn Henning - Detroit News While I think Lynn will complain the most, it will take the form of some masked, faux-Hemingway style prose. i.e. "The remnants of the winter labors of the snow removal teams persist around parking facilities, loath to yield their frosty powers."

9. Tony Paul - Detroit News Tony usually thinks along the same lines as Lynn, but in a more direct manner. i.e. "There are still big piles of snow in the parking lots around here"

8. George Sipple - Freep I don't know much about George. He tweets about hockey too. Does that make him tougher in cold weather? Potential sleeper here.

7. John Lowe - Freep As far as I can tell John always wears a fedora and sport coat. Built in warmth, but will it be enough?

6. Matthew B. Mowery - Oakland Press Matthew was a later arrival to Lakeland. More time in Michigan means increased tolerance for low temps.

5. Chris Iott - MLive Chris probably won't just come right out and say it, but he'll find some backhanded way to say he's freezing his ass off.

4. Tom Gage - Detroit News Tom is a vet. I think he will be the most prepared. I mean, parka, wool cap, gloves (with the fingers cut out) style prepared.

3. James Schmehl - MLive James seems like a pretty happy guy. Run him out there in a T-shirt, he'll be fine.

2. Dave Hogg - Have you seen his beard? Beards make you impervious to weather.

1. Jason Beck - If you throw liquid nitrogen on Jason Beck, it just bounces off. #beckfacts