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Matt Tuiasosopo will become the first player with a six-syllable last name in Tigers history.

Yes, I looked at all the names. No, I'm not proud of this.


Tom Gage (who is on fire with random snippets) posted this today:

After a thorough review by yours truly, I can confirm that Big Squiggles will be the first.

Close but no cigar? Here are the players with five syllables.

  • Frank Catalanotto, OF, 1997–1999
  • Bernie DeViveiros, IF, 1927
  • Juan Encarnación, OF, 1997–2001
  • Tony Giarratano, IF, 2005
  • Lou Schiappacasse, OF, 1902
  • Vito Valentinetti, P, 1958
So 2E holds a monopoly until we sign Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

More oddities?
Shortest name in MLB history: Ed Hug

Other long names:
Dutch soccer player Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
Other long names via Yahoo sports:
Iranian weightlifter Saeid Mohammadpourkarkaragh
Winter olympic skiier Max Emanuel Maria Alexander Vicot Bruno de la Santisima Trinidad y Todos los Santos von Hohenlohe Langenburg