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Bless You Boys Podcast 70: I'm intrigued by Big Squiggles

Kurt tries to palm Ramon Santiago off on the Yankees, Allison tells us her secret ingredient for braised short ribs and Al voluntarily brings up Brandon Inge on this week's Bless you Boys Podcast!


BYB Podcast 70 has a running time of 46 minutes and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


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Rick Porcello is in the rotation. Drew Smyly will pitch long relief. Casey Crosby is the emergency starter at Triple A Toledo. One of these isn't like the others.

Don Kelly and Matt Tuiasosopo make the team. Quintin Berry will be clapping his hands with the Mud Hens.

Teams play baseball with a pitcher batting!? Why? Why? Why? -Kurt Mensching, Bless you Boys

The Tigers want to trade Ramon Santiago, but who would take him? Danny Worth really wants to know.

Bruce Rondon isn't ready, but will the Tigers risk taking him north anyway?

Get ready for bullpen by committee.

It's down to Rondon, Luis Marte and Darin Downs for one bullpen spot. Downs is by far the best of the three this spring, but will the Tigers dare carry three left-handed relievers?

We make American League predictions (We'll have a prediction post from the entire BYB masthead in a few days). Screw predicting the NL, we don't like that kind of baseball.

No one will miss Tim McCarver.

Brandon Inge! Delmon Young! Jeremy Bonderman! Nate Robertson! Ryan Raburn!

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