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A handy "Who's Your Tiger?" flow chart

Phil Coke's Brain brings you a simple guide to finding your new favorite Tiger.

The baseball off-season is, for some fans, an off-season. After the final pitch of the World Series some fans did things normal people do: focus on work, watch movies, spend time with their families, read books. It is quite possible there are fans who didn't hang on every single move the Tigers made nor downloaded every single photo of Torii Hunter's Christmas tree. Weirdos.

But now opening day is quickly upon us and it is time to get educated. Maybe you heard about some of the off-season moves and caught tid-bits about the spring training roster battles, but just aren't sure who made the team, let alone which player most deserves your affection.

Good news! I have provided a simple flow chart for you to follow. You'll know which player to idolize in mere moments.