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20 Grade Podcast with Sak and Goro

Episode 3 of the 20 Grade Podcast with Sak and Goro


Brian Sakowski (@B_Sakowski) and Jordan Gorosh (@jgoro8) discuss their trip to West Michigan last weekend in greater detail.

Players discussed:

-Devon Travis (a lot)

-Austin Schotts

-Danry Vazquez

-Jeff Holm

-Endrys Briceno

-Hudson Randall

-Montreal Robertson

And more!

Note from Al: To streamline how we handle our audio, we've added the 20 Grade Podcast to the Bless You Boys Podcast RSS feed. If you are downloading the BYB Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or another podcatcher, you'll find the 20 Grade Podcast in the feed as well.

Click to download the 20 Grade Podcast.

Listen to the 20 Grade Podcast: