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Comerica Park offers new Michigan craft brew options

Beer snobs rejoice!

beer me
beer me
Rick Scuteri-US PRESSWIRE has investigated the Tigers new craft beer stand at Comerica and it is pretty impressive.

A sneak peek at the taps revealed tap handles for Bell’s Oberon and Two Hearted Ale. There were also spots for Founders All Day IPA, New Holland Full Circle and Atwater Dirty Blonde.

The internet's favorite whipping boy, Darren Rovell also had a story on the new options.

To me one of the best part of craft beers are the names. Names like Founders Dirty B*****d and Flying Dog's Raging B***h have gotten the breweries into tussles with regulators over their provocative names. The names can also be imaginative like Shorts' Huma Lupa Licious or Spleen Cleaver by Tommyknocker. I swear some breweries have a full time staff to come up with "hop" puns. (Hoptical Illusion is one of my favorites)

But what if a Michigan brewery were to whip up some special batches just for the Tigers? How about...

Lamont Ample Tummy Stout

Miggy's Triple Crown Brown

Summer Shandy Dirks

Leyland American-Style Extra Special Bitter

Pale Aleburquerque

Jason Bock

Rick Portercello