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Tigers winning with classic suit and tie style

Watch out Justin Timberlake, the Tigers are looking sharp.

Thearon W. Henderson

It's no question classic suit and tie style is making a comeback. The retro look is turning up all over. From Bruno Mars to Justin Timberlake to that dopey guy in the Chevy Impala commercial, what is old is becoming new again.

The style seems to even be popping up with the Tigers. Check out the last hash tag in this tweet from Matt Tuiasosopo:

Need more proof? Torii seems to straightening his imaginary tie in today's game:


This doesn't seem to be anything new. Check out Prince in last Thursday's game against the Jays.


All pressed up in blue and white

And you're dressed in that dress they like

Bats are swinging in the air tonight

Let the Tigers show you a few things.