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The 20 Grade Podcast: Episode 4

Episode 4 of the 20 Grade Podcast with Sak (Brian Sakowski) & Goro (Jordan Gorosh)

Detroit Tigers RHP Jose Ortega
Detroit Tigers RHP Jose Ortega

In this edition of the 20 Grade Podcast, Sak & Goro talk about:

- "Hot and Not" for each minor league affiliate, including Devon Travis' hot start, Jason King's struggles, and a few surprises.

- Who might play SS and 2B for the Tigers in 2014 from within the organiztion

- Minor league relievers that may be able to come up and help out if the bullpen struggles continue.

All of that and more on Episode 4 of the 20 Grade Podcast.

If you are downloading the BYB Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or another podcatcher, you'll find the 20 Grade Podcast in the same feed as well.

Download the 20 Grade Podcast.

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