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Fan exchanges words with Brandon Inge, nearly causes brawl

A fan took his dislike for ex-Detroit Tiger Brandon Inge over the edge at Toledo's Fifth Third Field Tuesday night.


Ticket-buying fans have a right to voice their displeasure when attending a game. But in their dealings with teams and players, there is a line you do not cross.

A so-called fan crossed that line at Toledo's Fifth Third field Tuesday night.

Mud Hens beat writer John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reports a disgruntled idiot fan went after after former Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge, who is currently playing for the Indianapolis Indians, the Pirates' Triple-A affiliate.

According to eyewitness reports, in the early innings of the contest the unidentified fan was throwing peanuts at the Indians’ Brandon Inge, who spent significant time with both the Detroit Tigers and Hens.

Then it got ugly.

Before the fifth inning began, the fan came to railing on the far side of the Indianapolis dugout and exchanged words with Inge. A number of Inge’s teammates came to his defense, with several attempting to jump the railing that separated them from the fan. The fan was escorted out of the ballpark but attempted to throw beer on the Indians before leaving.

There's a few lessons all fans can take from this incident.

  • Brandon Inge could kick your drunk, peanut-throwing ass three ways from Sunday.
  • Despite what you might believe, no one thinks your mean-spirited heckling of a beloved former player is funny.
  • Getting into an altercation with men who have direct access to baseball bats is stupid.
  • It's criminal to waste a perfectly good beer.
  • Don't be an idiot.
  • Again, don't be an idiot.