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All Earth Day Team

Do you part to save the environment. Read this list!


Since you are not an elementary school student you may not know that today is Earth Day. Earth Day is a day where we all join together do something superficial to "help" the environment so we can assuage our guilt for living a glutinous lifestyle! It's like Thanksgiving but with no turkey and tons more shame. Luckily for you I've found an even easier way to celebrate the day than planting a tree that will eventually die because you never water it -- reading this list!

Guy Airey - Catcher

Shawn Green - First base

Mike Solar - Second base

Cal Earthman - Shortstop

Andre Earthly - Third base

Tim Raines - Outfield

Bruce Fields - Outfield

Bob Seeds - Outfield

Phil Plantier - Designated hitter

Mickey Rivers - Bench

Doug Creek - Starting Pitcher

Brian Meadows - Starting Pitcher

Emil Planeta - Starting Pitcher

Jack Spring - Starting Pitcher

Bob Sprout - Starting Pitcher

Charlie Gassaway - Relief Pitcher

Dave Bush - Relief Pitcher

Ken Cloud - Relief Pitcher

Joe Muir - Closer

Fred Lake - Manager

Who did I miss? Add your entry below and then go recycle something.