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Tigers speed rankings

Who are the fastestish Tigers?

Otto Greule Jr

Today the Palm Beach Post had a terrific article on former Tigers catcher Rob Brantly losing a foot race to fellow catcher Miguel Olivo - twice. As punishment Rob had to lug the luggage for his team on their trip to Minnesota. The race was set up after Olivo was lifted for pinch runner - you guessed it - Rob Brantly. This is shades of the great 2012 Avila/Laird speed debate and also this classic tweet from Will Rhymes:

"I turned the game off when danny ran for santi, they are the same speed at best Very confused. Ill check the box tomorrow."

How about the current Tigers? How would you rank their speed? Does Skip have a pinch runner cheat sheet like a football coach has a 2-point conversion chart? If he does, this is what it would look like. It's not pretty.

  1. Austin Jackson
  2. Torii Hunter
  3. Andy Dirks
  4. Don Kelly
  5. Doug Fister
  6. Omar Infante
  7. Drew Smyly
  8. Rick Porcello
  9. Brayan Villarreal
  10. Ramon Santiago
  11. Darin Downs
  12. Anibal Sanchez
  13. Matt Tuiasosopo
  14. Max Scherzer
  15. Justin Verlander
  16. Phil Coke
  17. Al Alburquerque
  18. Jhonny Peralta
  19. Alex Avila
  20. Brayan Pena
  21. Miguel Cabrera
  22. Octavio Dotel
  23. Joaquin Benoit
  24. Prince Fielder
  25. Victor Martinez
Coaches Division:
  1. Tom Brookens
  2. Rafael Belliard
  3. Toby Harrah
  4. Jim Leyland
  5. Lloyd McClendon
  6. Jeff Jones
  7. Mike Rojas
  8. Gene Lamont