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The 20 Grade Podcast: Episode 5

Episode 5 of the 20 Grade Podcast with Sak (Brian Sakowski), Goro (Jordan Gorosh) and Nick Galea (who needs a nickname)!


In this edition of the 20 Grade Podcast, the gang talks about:

-Matt Hoffman.

-Bruce Rondon, when will he be freed?

-What's up with Schotts?

-Devon Travis, as usual.

-Where will Schotts, Thompson and Collins move up?

-A new feature this week: "Picks of the Week". Each guy will picks a pitcher and a hitter for the upcoming week, and whoever picks the most successful players gets lots of prizes*.

*Bragging rights

All of that and more on the latest 20 Grade Podcast!

If you are downloading the BYB Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or another podcatcher, you'll find the 20 Grade Podcast within the same feed as well.

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