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No reason to overreact in April

Today I wrote about being cautious about sweeping moves so early in the season. Check out my column in the News

Hannah Foslien

My goal in writing a column for the News is always to inform people, to help them think of baseball in different ways than they otherwise would. Rather than use the traditional stats or the traditional mind set of columnists or sports radio blabbers, I try to make people actually think. Many don't want to -- and that's fine. Some skip straight to the comments from the well-crafted headlines of News copy editors. That's to be expected. This is not a new phenomenon -- I wonder if more people would actually read things if everyone just agreed to stop allowing people to comment in the first place.

But I digress.

I wrote this column because it's far too early to come to conclusions, and about the worst thing a team could do in April is overreact. Of course, if you've watched enough baseball and associated transactions, you realize most teams don't overreact. But for some reason fans don't realize that -- or don't care. So I hoped to point out that reacting a problems in a way that cannot be undone is certainly not the way to go.

I didn't even have to make up a stat like BABIP.