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Game 24 Overflow: Twins at Tigers

Stuff that happened:

  • Josh Willingham homered in the first inning to give the Twins a 1-0 lead.
  • The Twins tacked on a run in the second inning on a manufactured run thanks to a wild pitch by Max Scherzer.
  • The Tigers got a run back in the bottom of the third on Andy Dirks' first homer of the year.
  • The Twins added to their lead on an RBI double by Oswaldo Arcia in the top of the fourth.

Thread stuff that happened:

  • A discussion of the all-Tiger killer lineup
  • Wine and girly drinks
  • The merits of WAR and what it is good for
  • The effects of precipitation on soil fertilization and the legality of homelessness (or something like that)
  • More relationship advice for SpartanHT