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Tigers Claim RHP Evan Reed From Marlins

The Tigers have claimed Evan Reed from the Marlins to serve as AAA bullpen depth.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Tigers had one spot open on their 40 man roster, and decided to use it on 27 year old Evan Reed. Reed is listed at 6’4 255, and is an imposing figure on the mound. He posted above average numbers at AA last year, and struggled upon his promotion to AAA. From what I can gather about Reed, he’s got a 91-95 MPH fastball with two fringe average off speed pitches. Originally, Reed was acquired by the Marlins along with Omar Poveda from Texas for Jorge Cantu. In other words, don’t get too excited, he seems like Toledo bullpen depth. If he was DFA by a team like the Marlins, it’s difficult to get too excited. On the other hand, Reed was ranked as highly as 24th on Baseball America’s Marlins prospect list in 2012, so there may be a small chance that he makes an impact on the big club.

You’re probably thinking "oh, no, now the Tigers don’t have a 40 man spot open for Casper Wells". This move doesn’t have much impact on the prospect of acquiring Wells from the Mariners. If the Tigers do, in fact acquire the corner outfielder, they’d most likely designate Matt Tuiasosopo in order to make room.