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Don Kelly is not the worst thing ever

Contrary to what some believe, Don Kelly has a good purpose for being with the Tigers. My column at the News

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I hate the whipping boy concept. That is, somebody has to be blamed when things don't turn out right. You don't want to blame your favorite players who were right in the middle of it -- even if it was their fault. They'll turn things around soon, right? So, let's blame someone on the fringes. It's all THEIR fault.

I know. I write about sports. It's going to happen. Nothing to be done about it.

That's probably true. But ... hey ... idea ... I write about sports! If I say something about it in a major newspaper, at least people are going to read right? No harm in trying -- except for the harm it does to my gmail box, anyway.

So that's what I did. I wrote Don Kelly is not the worst thing ever.

Which is true. He's a baserunner on a flat-footed team, a defensive-minded outfielder off the bench who can play in the infield, too. And he even hits a well-timed triple on occasion.

Don Kelly, I salute you.