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Random famous Tigers fans

Everyone knows about Tom Selleck, Kid Rock, and Jeff Daniels; but what about other random celebrity Tigers fans?

This guy governs Arkansas and cheers for the Tigers
This guy governs Arkansas and cheers for the Tigers

When I saw that the governor of Arkansas was throwing out the first pitch of today's game I did a bit of a double take. Am I looking at the right game? Is someone setting us up for a bad Bill Clinton joke. As it turns out...

Who caught that pitch? None other than Arkansas native and former Razorback Drew Smyly, naturally.

Just goes to show you can find famous Tigers fans in odd places.

For instance, last night I was merrily tweeting along when I see this:

Don Gonyea? THE REAL DON GONYEA!? Ok, so maybe you are unimpressed, but for NPR nerds this is a big deal. Turns out Don is from Monroe and is a lifelong Tigers fan.

Reminds of the time I found out John Paul White, half of the musical duo The Civil Wars, was a huge Tigers fan.

Also, the actor in the Farmers Insurance commercials J.K. Simmons is a very serious Tigers fan. I think it was Dan and Jim did an interview with him toward the end of last season.

So beyond the old faithfuls, do you know of any famous or interesting Tigers fans we can add to the list?