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The 20 Grade Podcast with Sak and Goro: Episode 2

The second edition of the 20 Grade Podcast with Sak and Goro. Special guest Nick Galea joins in.


Note from Al: To streamline things, we're adding the 20 Grade Podcast to the Bless You Boys Podcast RSS feed. If you are downloading the BYB Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher Radio or another podcatcher, you'll find the 20 Grade Podcast in the feed as well. The latest Bless You Boys Podcast with Kurt, Allison and Al will be available later today.

Topics covered on this edition of the 20 Grade Podcast are:

-85% pitching

-5% hitting

-10% silliness

After seeing some viewer feedback, we decided to make the second edition a bit longer. This one is about an hour long.

Let us know what you think!

Click to download the MP3, or listen via the streaming version below.