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Who is Tiger Suit Guy?

We've all seen him? Who is he?

Leon Halip

Anthony Fenech posted this photo. Forget about the text, look at the photo.

It's Tiger Suit Guy!

Here is what we know about Tiger Suit Guy (TSG)

1. TSG can be found at home or on the road. I could swear I saw him Kansas City last year.

2. TSG always has good seats and FSDetroit can always find him.

3. He looks dang sharp in that suit.

Anyone know more about TSG?

I just assume he was a guy who was big into motorcycles but got into a wreck and received a big structured settlement that he cashed in with J.G. Wentworth for a huge lump sum. He used the money to buy a dozen Tiger suits and travels the country watching baseball. Seems like a reasonable story.

[Note by Phil Coke's Brain, 04/06/13 12:23 AM EDT ] Update: After some extensive investigatory journalism (I googled a little) I uncovered this story published today. His name is Jim Nelle. No information in the article about a structured settlement.