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Joe Buck's beard is lacking

Fox Sports' Joe Buck looks different. Kinda.


Joe Buck shows off a lousy beard, humor ensues in the BYB game thread:

Joe Buck looks like he was pulled off the street. Oh, and he also has a beard today.

Joe Buck looks like he had a long night at the bar

Looks like James Van Der Beek in 10-15 years.

This conversation took place:

Not surprised someone like him can't grow a beard

Hey, I can't really grow a full beard

But you aren't a pretentious schmuck Who’s success is entirely because of his father’s name.

Joe Buck hasn't grown a full beard either. Join the club.

We're an equal opportunity blog, so here's a Twitter dig at the much reviled Tim McCarver:

Time for the Tim McCarver drinking game, in which I drink until I can't hear him anymore

Note: updated the photo with a cleaner version (of everything else, not Buck). We'll teach Kurt how to take a screenshot one day. --Rob