RETROACTIVE "Beer of the Series" Series #1 - Minnesota Twins, April 1-4, Target Field

Being that the first installment of this piece was buried within a game preview, I decided I'd flesh it out with the purpose and the first beer.

My goal with this series is to introduce and acquaint the BYB readers with several of the fine brews across the land. For the road series, I will work to look for beers from at or near the home city. For the home series, I will highlight several of the great brews from Michigan and Indiana (my home state). I might repeat a brewery here or there, but I will try my best to examine beers of all styles, varieties, alcohol and hop contents, and home towns. I will also try to educate, but if you have a question about a term I use (or want to point out how i've screwed up), feel free to let me know.

For the first series, the Tigers started off in a freezer in Minneapolis. What Minnesota lacks in temperature, though, it makes up for in wheat and barley fields. Since we'll be going back to the Land of 10,000 Ice Fishing Cabins several times, we'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the microbrewery landscape in the area. For the opening series, we start off with Summit Extra Pale Ale.



This is a beer that we actually had on draft at the restaurant I work at in Indy. It’s a really expressive pale ale that has several of the IPA qualities we’ve all come to know and love. It’s a little more on the expressive side with the aftertaste than most pales are, but those zesty grapefruit notes are really nice surprises at the ends. It clocks in at 5.2 ABV and 45 IBU, making it a good cool weather sipping beer, pairing well with sharp cheeses and grilled meat.

Summit Brewery is located in St. Paul, MN.

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