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Joining the Detroit Tigers Kids Club

We are all kids at heart. Except for Patrick O'Kennedy, he's a lawyer at heart.

Doug Pensinger

Did you know that for only $15 you can get a cool bundle of Tigers stuff?! It's true! The bad news is that stuff only comes along with a membership to the Detroit Tigers Kids Club and the club is only for fans 14-years-old or younger. The good news is that they don't seem to check for age verifying identification!


Let's see what we have here!


"Loads of fun", eh? Color me skeptical. Last time I was promised "loads of fun" I ended up sitting at a stupid overpriced fondue restaurant for 2 1/2 hours.


Okay, you got me. This is pretty fun. The crown is a glorified Burger King crown, but it is a well done glorified Burger King crown. The bag is a basic draw string bag, but I know any kid would be pretty proud to rock that bad boy.


Paws does more than wander around with bodyguards and perform hyperactive pantomime. He also types up a welcome to all his under 14 friends. He probably has some intern do all his signatures though.


Whoa, has Paws lost some weight? Look at those legs! He must be hoping to add some range. Also, don't look at his crotch.


Well what's this here? A player word search? SWEET! I know who we should look for!


W - T - F?

Dotel and Benoit get a spot but your favorite glove-spiking ginger is nowhere to be seen? This is horse excrement!

Well, maybe the coloring book can redeem this egregious error.


Look at Miggy's glasses, pretty super hero-y. Also, you know he is running and swinging fast because of those lines. WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH!!


LOL WUT? Love the beard though.


Yay! Stickers! While Justin might have been the obvious choice here, it is nice to see Max get some love.


Okay friends. What IS Miggy thinking?