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GIF of the Day: Prince Fielder might actually be hitting the cover off the ball

"His home runs are violent." -Mario Impemba

Leon Halip

Prince Fielder's home run in the bottom of the fifth inning was an exclamation point on tonight' 6-1 win over the Minnesota Twins, but Elfuego51 pointed out something about Prince's homer in the game thread.

Weird thing about the Prince homer in slo-mo
You can see some small white speck come off the ball after he hits it and as it’s flying back toward Prince, he whacks it with the bat flip.

Let's go to the tape. First, the damage.


Now, the slo-mo.


It's definitely apparent that something is flying around after he makes contact, and after watching this GIF about 20 times I'm convinced it comes off the baseball. I was curious as to whether it was something from Prince's mouth (it looked like he had dip and/or something else in his mouth during the at-bat), but that doesn't appear to be the case.

What do you think? Is Prince officially breaking baseballs? Sound off in the comments.