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Quick thoughts: Bruce Rondon fails to impress, demoted to Triple-A Toledo

The Tigers' top relief-pitching prospect's rude introduction to the big leagues continued, allowing two runs in just 1/3 of an inning. His rude introduction also came to an end. Rondon was sent to Toledo after the game, Luke Putkonen called up to take his spot on the roster.

Leon Halip

The Detroit Tigers fell to the Minnesota Twins 6-2, but the story of the game was the struggles of rookie fire-baller Bruce Rondon. The Tigers sent the big right-hander back to Triple-A Toledo after the loss, calling up lefty Luke Putkonen in his stead.

Jim Leyland said he just couldn't get Rondon enough work, he needs to close out games, and it's hoped Rondon will make adjustments. The Tigers' skipper added this experience will be good for him.

Rondon entered the game in the top of the seventh and quickly committed a couple of relief-pitcher Cardinal sins.

One, Rondon didn't shut down the Twins after his teammates cut the lead to one run in the previous inning. He gave back a run only two batters into his short appearance.

Two, Rondon could not throw strikes, walking the bases loaded before getting the hook. Darin Downs was unable to bail out Rondon completely, allowing one of the inherited runners to score. Regardless, the game was all but over after Rondon's adventurous appearance.

Let's not forget Rondon allowed another stolen base as well, showing a complete inability to hold runners in his short time in the big leagues.

When all was said and done, Rondon's line was ugly: 1/3 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 BB. He heads back to Triple-A with an ERA of 11.57.

For all the talk of Rondon having an elite fastball, if it doesn't move, it's extremely hittable. We've yet to see that movement on Rondon's pitches; the Twins were showing they were fully capable of turning on a triple-digit pitch that is arrow straight, as would any other MLB team.

The Tigers often speak glowingly about Rondon, their reigning minor league pitcher of the year, but he did not make any converts within the Tigers' fan base today.

They weren't any more complimentary in the BYB game thread:

A 101 MPH fastball down the middle... …is still a fastball down the middle.

The only thing he's 'closer' is ‘closer’ to being sent back to Toledo

10 of 14 pitches thrown for balls.... This guy ain’t ready

Rondon just isn't fooling big-league hitters.

With that, Rondon heads back to the minor leagues. The kid just wasn't ready, despite the Tigers continually insisting Rondon has been since the end of last season.

Saying so doesn't make it so.


Source: FanGraphs


Before the game, Matthew B. Mowery of The Oakland Pess got an interesting quote out of Jim Leyland, comparing popping pimples to waiting for an injury to heal. Neither are ready till they're ready.

"You get a pimple, it ain’t going to pop until it comes to a head. That’s just the way it is. You can squeeze it until the cows come home, but it ain’t going to come out."


Omar Infante was given the day off, resting a tweaked knee. Obviously, Phil Coke was unavailable out of the pen due to being placed on the DL this morning.

Detorit Lions running back and Michigan native Joique Bell threw out the first pitch. He tweeted his strategy.

Denard Robinson take heed.

Melissa's nearly three-year-old nephew breaks down Tigers-Twins mid-game:

We need to add Melissa's nephew to the BYB masthead, stat!

The Tigers were without a hit through four. Kurt knows the reason why the Tigers' lineup had become so ineffectual -- no Donnie Baseball.

Rogo and a former BYB writer both echo my thoughts on the Tigers' failed hit-and-run in the fifth.

Jose Ortega struck out two in his first appearance, a stark contrast to Rondon. Ortega's first K of the inning was also a record breaker:

The Tigers need two more 10 strikeout games against the Astros to tie the MLB record.


Miguiel Cabrera: Supplied the majority of the Tigers' offense with two hits and an RBI.

Anibal Sanchez: Six innings, three runs, eight punchouts. Pitched into some bad luck and battled his command early, Sanchez still put up a quality start.

Jose Ortega: The new call-up pitched a hitless ninth, striking out two, becoming the anti-Rondon to Tigers fans.


Bruce Rondon: Paid the price with a bus ticket to Toledo.

Brayan Pena: Dropped a sure out at the plate, struck out twice, hitless in three at bats.

The Tigers' offense: Six hits just won't cut it.


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Another Justin Verlander start, another player-of-the-game-win, this time with 55% of the BYB vote.