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GIFs of the Day: Prince Fielder & Miguel Cabrera love to crush baseballs

Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder paced the Tigers' offense with a couple of tape measure shots during tonight's 10-4 win over the Cleveland Indians.

Leon Halip

A lot has been made of how hot the Cleveland Indians have been coming in to this series, but the Tigers were the ones doing some serious damage in tonight's game.

First, Prince Fielder hit a bomb in the bottom of the third inning to put the Tigers up 4-1.


Then, Miguel Cabrera hit his own tape measure shot in the bottom of the fourth. It didn't go as far as Prince's mammoth blast, but it was worth three runs.


There you have it, an estimated 913 feet worth of home runs. Add in Andy Dirks' homer in the eigth inning and the Tigers were approaching 1300 feet of baseball-related damage this evening.