"Beer of the Series" Series #13 - Houston Astros, May 13-15, Comerica Park

They say "familiarity breeds contempt," but in the case of the Houston Astros, it just breeds new and interesting ways to lose games. From perfect game hurlers getting DFAed to managers breaking rules (and somehow using Jedi mind tricks to get away with it!) to players so bad they got picked up by the METS, Bo Porter's boys are, well, bad. The 2003 Tigers may no longer be on the books as the worst AL team ever after this season.

Of course, having watched this team already this year, we know what the Tigers are capable of doing to them, and the hopes of enjoying a few more wins also leads to the hopes of enjoying a few more beers. For this round of "Beer of the Series," I'm turning to a reader suggestion. AD33 kindly suggested Mitten Brewing Company, and in perusing their offerings, I have decided on Sparky's ESB.



Named in honor of the former fearless leader of the Tigers, Sparky's ESB "has a taste that's easy to manage." A pleasant balance of hoppy aroma and malty smoothness is immediately present, allowing the sipper almost a "choose your own adventure" opportunity of which tastes to highlight, a unique attribute of the ESB in my opinion. The sweet, yeasty undertones embellish an almost grapefruity note present at the finish. ESBs are great burger and fries beers, but this one pairs especially well with savory bacon flavors too. With 4.8% ABV and 38 IBUs, it works from the opening pitch to the final out.

Mitten Brewing Company is located in Grand Rapids, MI

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