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GIF of the Day: Miguel Cabrera dodges line drive, has words for Matt Tuiasosopo

Miguel Cabrera nearly took a line drive off the face tonight, then let Matt Tuiasosopo hear it afterward.

Jason Miller

Miguel Cabrera has been the toast of baseball over the past few days thanks to his huge game on national TV on Sunday night. Tonight, he got some unintentional "humble pie" from Matt Tuiasosopo. In the fifth inning, Cabrera and Brayan Pena were on the bench, seemingly giving Tuiasosopo some guff for something that happened on the field.


A couple of pitches later, Tuiasosopo hit a line drive foul that whizzed by Cabrera's head. It was inches away from an obvious Hangover reference, but also inches away from significantly altering Cabrera's season.



His first reaction? Terror.


Well, mock terror. After that, he gave Tuiasosopo all he could handle.


When you're hitting like Cabrera -- who hit his two-run homer in the next inning -- you can say what you want. As for Tuiasosopo, it would be nice if he could avoid killing our superstar third baseman.

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