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Tigers fans stranded by world's worst bus service

Hoping to catch a Tigers game? Good luck with Dadds Magic Bus.

Not pictured: Actual Tigers fans, actual bus, or actual Tigers fans reaching actual Tigers game on actual bus.
Not pictured: Actual Tigers fans, actual bus, or actual Tigers fans reaching actual Tigers game on actual bus.
Regi Varghese

Dadds Magic Bus, a paragon of failure, has struck again. This time leaving 29 Tigers fans without a ride to the game and without a full refund.

WZZM in Grand Rapids reports:

Several people hoping to see a Tigers game are out hundreds of dollars because their bus didn't get them to Detroit.

13 On Your Side exposed Dadds Magic Bus in 2009 and again in 2011. Now, two more groups have come forward saying they didn't get the service they paid for.

"When we got there, there was no bus," says Jenae Jackson. She and her friends purchased a package online through Dadds Magic Bus for a Tigers game on May 11, 2013.

That's right, this is the THIRD TIME in that the company has been on TV for screwing people.

In West Michigan the company is a running joke. The least funny joke ever. Need to feel depressed sometime? Read some of the non-fabricated reviews on Google. Here are some highlights:

From Adrienne Wallace:

Not only was the experience a no show by the bus service for a Tiger game last weekend (and not just for our group), they also removed all negative "recommendations" from their FB page today surrounding the experience AND tried to withhold the refund in exchange for "non disclosure" documents. Terrible. Just terrible. Run from this business. Run.

Another google user:

WORST EVER!.... I was in a wedding this past weekend, (90 degrees outside) and all of us couldn't wait for the bus to get there to take us to the reception. The driver was a complete jerk. He was extremely rude to the groomsmen. We got on the bus and it was so crazy hot in there and all the tiny windows on the top were open. He said that it was so hot the air conditioning couldn't keep up! BS! It had to of been broken. We were all sweating like crazy. Then the day after, the bride calls to complain about the service and work out some kind of compensation for the mess. The MANAGER told her that he wasn't going to listen to her complaint and that she wasn't getting any kind of money back. Steer clear of this place. Its not worth the risk. Also the inside of the bus was completely nasty and gross. The walls were covered with spills.

Another user:

I could write all day, really. This was the ONE bachelorette party that my sister will ever have and Dadds ruined it in a sense. They are the sleeziest company and people EVER. You call and request to talk to someone high up and get a response, "Oh, theyre not in. Ill tell them you called." LIE. Pam sounded so concerned and you know the minute she got off the phone she was laughing with the other sleeze balls saying, "We got another one!" Or my favorite, "It's in the cntract." Ohhhhh youre saying its in the contract that I didnt see, sign, or read. NICE Dadds, nice. Shut your face, there is no contract.

Bottom line? Some people are awful.

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