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Miguel Cabrera's plate coverage

Is anywhere safe for opposing pitchers? Apparently not.

Duane Burleson

Drew Sheppard of FanGraphs created a GIF today going around the Internet that showed six of Miguel Cabrera's home runs. It is not to be missed.

As Jeff Sullivan noted a few days prior at FanGraphs, one of the most remarkable observations about Cabrera is that there seems to be no weak spots in his plate coverage. There are no safe places a pitcher could put the ball: Cabrera hit it out from anywhere, and he sent it anywhere: right field, center field, left field, whichever was convenient at the time.

The GIF shows just that, demonstrating how six pitches with completely different locations all eventually landed in the stands for home runs.

Sullivan reached the only conclusion one can reach: "The only explanation is that Miguel Cabrera can do things that other hitters just can't, or don't. The quality of his contact is such that normal rules don't apply."

And that's why he's chasing history again this year.

ht Hardball Talk

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