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Who's your non-Tiger?

Vlad Guerrero is out of the majors and Prince Fielder is a Tiger. I need a new favorite. Who should it be?

Jim Rogash

In his guide to the Pirates Rogo reminded us that his favorite non-Tigers baseball player is Andrew McCutchen. A good choice to be certain. He's fun to watch, truly talented, and is in the National League and therefore is rarely a threat for the Tigers (don't tell Drew Smyly that though).

It got me to thinking, who is my favorite non-Tiger? Seeing as I am completely incapable of independent thought, I turned the question over to my friends on Twitter. Let's take a look at their suggestions.

He certainly isn't too threatening lately. His eyes kinda scare me though. He looks like the love child of a Bond villain and a cat.

A solid suggestion. McCarthy is legitimately funny on Twitter (the banter he has with his wife is especially hilarious). Here's a recent example that has made the rounds:

Doesn't really count. No former Tigers allowed. Otherwise Rogo would have picked Raburn and I would pick Casper Wells.

Ok, I get it. You are excited about the Red Wings.



Joey Votto is a good choice. However, my most recent experience with Votto was in the World Baseball Classic when I was confused that he played for Team Canada and not Team Italy. Not sure if I can get over something like that.

No, he was stupid in that hat commercial

Too good. I can only have one ace in my life and it's Verlander.

Sorry, only one suggestion per customer, Nate.

I don't dislike David Wright, however ever since I saw this photo of him, I can't think about him in a serious way.

He was suggested a couple of times because of this epic post game interview. The only problem is I had never heard of him before today.

Trout is a complete player. The bat, the speed, the defense. Despite the whole Miggy vs. Trout MVP kerfuffle I actually really like Trout. Well, I DID like Trout until I saw him in that Subway commercial. Barf. That is an instant disqualification.

Felix Hernandez is a player I really admire. It seems like just yesterday I watched his major league debut against the Tigers. He seems humble, he's supremely talented, and plays on a team that isn't much of a threat. However, like Kershaw, he is disqualified because he's too good. JV is my ace.

heh Sorry, Can't be a west coast player. I'm old and go to sleep too early to watch him play.

Dat Dude is, of course, Brandon Phillips. If he's so cool, how come he didn't lead the USA to a WBC championship?!? Answer me that, Drew Zachary Bledsoe.

You're hilarious.

Neily Baseball? Meh, doesn't have the same ring to it.

That's a clown suggestion, bro


Evidently Mujares pitches for the Giants, so I can't like him.

Well, there we have it. Many reviewed and none make the cut. As of April 4 Vlad is still playing independent ball with the Long Island Ducks. I guess I'll just stick with him.

How about you? Who is your favorite Major Leaguer who doesn't play for the Tigers? Perhaps I can yet be persuaded.

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