"Beer of the Series" Series #18 - Pittsburgh Pirates, May 29-30, PNC Park


First of all, a quick thank you. I have really enjoyed the feedback you all have given me on these posts, and I hope you have had as much fun reading them as I have writing them. Also, I'm moderately surprised I have been able to keep up with writing these on a regular basis, so there's that, too.

Alright, back to the team we've been playing the last two days. The Pirates have proven that their in the same vein as the Twins in turning into the 1998 Yankees against the Tigers, pitching out of their minds, playing great defense, and getting timely hits when needed. Monday's game was more on the bright side, but still needed to call in the Big Potato to fix things. Last night saw the best performance of Rick Porcello's career wasted by the Astros body snatchers when one swing of the bat undid all the good work done and JASON BLEEPING GRILLI turning into Mariano Rivera against our big boppers.

Now the series moves on to the Steel City, where lead paint and rusty nails are as much a staple of the diet as cheap beer. Both Iron City Beer and Rolling Rock are made within spitting distance, but taste about as good as Monongahela River water. Fortunately, hidden under the Roberto Clemente Bridge is something tasty: the Pious Monk Dunkel from Church Brew Works.



Much like the Indians Victory Lager from the last series, the Pious Monk Dunkel is a smooth, crisp, flavorful dark beer that pairs wonderfully with a night of baseball and a bratwurst. Brown sugar and caramel malt are ever-present, and a rich hazelnut body greets you through the smooth texture and a roasted nutty finish. The carbonation helps deter the palate fatigue, and the lightly hopped bitterness cuts you off before the beer gets too sweet. At 4.3% ABV and 28 IBU, you don't need to feel too guilty indulging in another one.

Church Brew Works is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

A few other good Western Pennsylvania beers:

-Mad Anthony's APA, Erie Brewing Company, Erie, PA

-Mischievous Brown Ale, Helltown Brewing Company, Mount Pleasant, PA

-Sophie's Summer Wheat, All Saints Brewing Company, Greensburg, PA

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