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Overanalysis: Rick Ankiel throws out Matt Tuiasosopo at home plate

This play might not have meant much in the grand scheme of things, but at the time Rick Ankiel's arm saved the game for the Astros last night.


Did Tom Brookens make the right call? Is he Gene Lamont reincarnated? Let's take a look.

Situation: top of the 11th inning, runners on first and third, two outs. Brayan Pena lines a single to right field, straight at right fielder Rick Ankiel. Before we get to the GIFs, let's clear something up: Ankiel has done this before. So often, in fact, that other teams have learned.

With that out of the way, let's get to the GIFs.





As you can see in that last view, Tuiasosopo wasn't even close to scoring. Catcher Jason Castro has the ball before Tuiasosopo even sniffs home plate.


However, the high tag here is intentional. With so much time, Castro doesn't have to risk having Tuiasosopo's foot kick the ball loose from his glove, ensuring that he gets the out.


What do you think, BYB? Was it the right call?