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New Tigers endorsed food products

We have Justin Verlander's Fastball Flakes and Miggy's Salsa. What's next?

It started with Justin Verlander's Fastball Flakes and moved to Miggy's Salsa. It's the latest trend in athlete charity work - lending your name to foodstuffs. I love it. It's fun for the fans, it's fun and low impact for the athlete, and it raises needed funds for well deserving charities.

But why stop here!? We need more Detroit Tigers endorsed food products! Here are some recent proposals.

Jose Valverde - What else?

Available in classic extra chunky and NEW moderately chunky cuts.


Octavio Dotel - Chili

Need to fire up your team? Pour on some Dotel Chili!


Prince Fielder - Bat Flipz

It only makes sense to me that Prince would endorse something sweet. Like his home runs, these things will be gone in no time.


Andy Dirks - Jerky

This is the only product we could convince Andy to lend his name to. Would it be too much to call it Dirky's Jerky? Yeah, probably. This product is only available in regular beef. No turkey or other fancy flavors. We are looking into whether it can be made with only neck meat.


Omar Infante - Baby food

Let's face it, jerky is tough and certainly not for everyone. How about something a little more gentle? Your infant will love this friendly food.


Rick Porcello - Porcello O's

We have something for the men and the babies, but what about all those lonely ladies? Mmmm....PorcellO's


Phil Coke - Cola

I don't quite know why, but a cola just seems like a good product for Phil. Slogan: Drink Coke Cola and Things Will Be Looking Up!


Don Kelly - White bread

Sure, it lacks excitement, but it goes with everything, is always available, and it's completely unoffensive.