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Introducing new staff

BYB is expanding -- again. This time without raiding the blogosphere

You're going to begin seeing a few more names this week as we continue to push our coverage toward being the best it can be.

You've already seen John A McGeehan -- he's going to be our new "full-time" writer. Full-time as far as blogging goes, anyway. John actually has never blogged before but every sample of writing I saw told me he'd fit in with both breaking news and analysis as well as some deeper thinking-person's pieces. We're aiming for two stories a day from John once he gets up to speed on everything, so this is a guy you'll see a lot of.

Then we've got Jon, just to keep you confused about who is who. Jon Erkkila is also known as Yooper_IA. He is, you may have guessed correctly, a Yooper who lives in Iowa. For our other Yoopers out there, he's from the Keweenaw. Jon's going to start off doing a weekly piece on Fridays looking at the stories of interest and providing extra analysis on other teams in the AL Central.

Spencer will also write a weekly piece for us, bringing a rather unique perspective. He is a sabermetrician who has also spent time as an intern at Baseball Information Solutions and he will provide that kind of specialized knowledge toward writing a weekly article on Thursdays.

Finally, I've decided to bring on an intern, Danny. Danny is just finishing up high school at CC, but his application and professionalism really caught my eye. He'll be headed off to U of M this fall, but until then I'm going to work with Danny on an article or two a week. Years from now Danny will be more successful than any of us -- just watch. So this is a fun addition.

So, give everyone a warm welcome!