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Detroit Tigers fortune cookies

What is the most reliable way to predict the future? Consult little slips of paper baked into a crispy, bland cookie!

When MLive Tigers writer Chris Iott found two fortunes in his cookie recently, he became suspicious that these little strips of paper may not be very precise.

I don't believe that for a second! Fortune cookies are the very best source for vague cliches, aphorisms, and inspirational garbage that could in some way be construed to apply to you!

In fact, Chris' next tweet proved to be very accurate:

To further prove the accuracy of The Cookie, I lurked around a strip-mall Chinese restaurant and swiped these fortunes from the tables of your favorite Detroit Tigers. Take a look for yourself and see if they seem accurate.

Octavio Dotel


Alex Avila


Prince Fielder


Don Kelly


Victor Martinez


Jim Leyland


Max Scherzer


Jose Valverde


Avisail Garcia


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