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Game 62 Overflow: Tigers at Royals

Stuff that happened:

  • Rod and Mario first started discussing barbecue in the bottom of the second when Billy Butler came to the plate. And no, that's not a fat joke. Butler has his own barbecue sauce.
  • Miguel Cabrera opened the scoring with a two run home run off Jeremy Guthrie in the third inning.
  • The Royals took the lead in the bottom of the third when Salvador Perez tripled past a diving Avisail Garcia, scoring Alcides Escobar and Alex Gordon. Perez scored the third run of the inning on an infield single by Lorenzo Cain. Hurry back, Austin.

Thread stuff that happened:

  • How old is too old to go to a college bar?
  • Bagels and donuts
  • College sports teams
  • Madpoopz's band is doin' work