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GIF of the Day: 10 reasons why Torii Hunter and Avisail Garcia were unable to corral Salvador Perez's triple

Avisail Garcia and Torii Hunter were unable to prevent Salvador Perez from hitting a game-tying triple in last night's loss. BYB's crack team of investigative journalists digs deep to tell you why.

Ed Zurga

A couple of people were interested in a second look at the outfield SNAFU between Torii Hunter and Avisail Garcia during last night's 3-2 loss to the Royals. The play resulted in a triple off the bat of Royals catcher Salvador Perez, scoring two runs to tie the game after Miguel Cabrera had homered in the top half of the inning.


Here's another angle:


After watching this play like 1 1/2 times, here are 10 completely legitimate reasons why this play failed so miserably.

  1. Don Kelly is on the team.
  2. Garcia is fast, but probably won't be a center fielder in the big leagues. Also, he's not Mike Trout.
  3. Gene Lamont.
  4. Torii Hunter doesn't have the range that he used to.
  5. BABIP.
  6. Garcia and Hunter have started a total of 11 games as a center field-right field combination, a.k.a. miscommunication.
  7. No, seriously, Don Kelly.
  8. The Royals are annoying.
  9. Phil Coke didn't point to it.
  10. Jose Valverde's refusal to throw his splitter.

Get well soon, Austin.