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MLB Draft 2013: Jonathon Crawford signs with Tigers

Detroit Tigers first-round pick Jonathon Crawford joins the organization.


Jonathon Crawford, who was selected by the Detroit Tigers with the 20th pick in the 2013 MLB draft, signed with the club, Baseball America's Jim Callis reports. He received the $2,001,700 slot value the MLB budgeted for the 20th pick.

The 21-year-old right-hander out of Florida has a mid-90s fastball complemented by a nice slider. He projects to be in the middle-of-the-rotation, though before the draft some analysts suspected he'd be more of a bullpen piece in the end:

Matt Garrioch, Minor League Ball:

"Crawford...could become a number two starter if the changeup comes around.... I look at what Crawford is, and what I see is a reliever. Don't take this as your only opinion on him, but I just don't see a starter. "

(We had a few GIFs in our original post from draft night, should you be interested).

Crawford had a 3.84 ERA in 15 starts for the Gators this season. He struck out 7.17 per nine innings and walked 3.84.

In addition to Crawford, several other picks -- making 19 in all -- have been signed. Fifth-rounder Buck Farmer, sixth-rounder Calvin Drummond, eighth-rounder Zach Reininger and 10th-rounder Kasey Coffman (all RHPs) are among them, MLive reports.


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