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Bless You Boys Podcast 77: Listener questions

After a forced hiatus, Al and Kurt return to record a quick and dirty (and not entirely about Jose Valverde) Bless You Boys Podcast.

Leon Halip

(A second edit has been uploaded which will hopefully correct Kurt's low mic level)

BYB Podcast 77 has a running time of 51 minutes and features Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


Where has the podcast been hiding? Al's desktop passing on to the great beyond, his step-son graduating high school and a medical issue kept us off the the tubes of the internets.

Where's Allison this week? Working!

The BYB Meetup deadline for tickets is getting closer.

This week we took questions from Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks to those who contributed!

What to do with Jose Valverde and the bullpen?

Austin Jackson returns, Avisail Garcia sent to Triple-A Toledo and how it affects the outfield.

The Tigers' below .500 road record and and their post-seventh inning offense struggles.

The fan base bitching over Jim Leyland.

We call out @JohnMoz.

Jhonny Peralta and Biogenesis.

Kurt is hungry and wears many hats.

Kurt's Detroit News columns can be found by clicking here.

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GIF: Prince slides, hilarity ensues

Leyland sticks with Valverde as closer

World Series winners and their closers

Kurt: I (bleep)ing want Smyly to close!