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GIF of the Day: Torii Hunter's 300th career home run

Torii Hunter hit the 300th home run of his career today against the Minnesota Twins.

Hannah Foslien

Torii Hunter spent the first 11 years of his career playing for the Minnesota Twins. He hit his first home run at Tiger Stadium back in 1999 and had been tormenting the Tigers ever since... until he signed with them last offseason. It was only fitting that his 300th career home run came at Minnesota, where he is still beloved by the Twins fanbase.


As usual, Torii was all smiles after he touched home plate. He chose to skip the awkward high fives this time, instead going in for the real thing with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.


Torii has been scuffling recently, hitting just .167/.222/.214 over the past two weeks leading up to today's game. To say that he was relieved after hitting #300 might be an understatement.


Congratulations, Torii. You might not have another 300 home runs left in you, but maybe it's time for a ring or two instead?

Update: Houston, we have liftoff.


Austin Jackson's bomb in the fourth inning couldn't be ignored.