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Jim Leyland rant not completely off base

There were a lot of (bleep)s and (expletive deleted)s during Jim Leyland's rant last week. There was also a kernel of truth. Read my take in the News.

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Aw bleep.

Jim Leyland went off on another of his famous swear-filled rants last week. It was a doozy. As collected by Matthew B Mowery of the Oakland Press (among others), Leyland ranted for more than a minute asking what, exactly, the fans and media expect him to do about the closer situation. This bleeping guy? That bleeping guy? They tell him bleeping Phil Coke can't bet a bleeping right-hander out, do the expect him to closer? What the bleep is he supposed to do?

Naturally we had plenty of answers here. I continued to profess my fanship of Drew Smyly. Rob and Patrick weighed in with a list of names.

And that's all well and good. We're supposed to present an easy answer to a difficult problem. That's why we're here. But I think all of us are smart enough to know "easy" answers aren't necessarily as easy to implement in real life. There's a difference between what Leyland does on a daily basis and what we do, and we all know it. His job is much more difficult than the fans see. If it wasn't, anyone could do it.

So, yeah, the closer situation does need to be addressed in order for the Tigers to have their best shot at a World Series title. But rather than seeking an immediate change, it actually is acceptable to allow the Tigers time to find the best solution, not just the quick one.

Read my column on it in the News!