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Detroit Tigers Links: Max Scherzer emerges as an ace & Vin Scully was almost a Yankee

Max Scherzer is emerging as an ace in the Tigers' rotation, the Tigers' closing situation isn't an easy solution, and Vin Scully almost went to work for the Yankees. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Leon Halip

AL Central Standings

Detroit 39 30 .565 0 Lost 1
Cleveland 35 35 .500 4.5 Won 1
Kansas City 34 35 .492 5 Lost 1
Minnesota 31 36 .462 7 Won 1
Chicago 29 39 .426 9.5 Lost 1

(updated 6.18.2013 at 8:39 PM PDT)

Tigers links:

Detroit Tigers' team WAR projected to measure up with 1927 New York Yankees, other all-time greats, Josh Slagter

This article is merely proof that people get really, really worked up when talking about WAR.

A perfect 10: Scherzer's dominance makes up for loss of Sanchez on Tigers' staff
The Strike Zone, Jay Jaffe

If he's not starting the All-Star Game, then ... well ... grrr.

Tigers' Max Scherzer carves out own niche atop star-studded staff
The Detroit News, Bob Wojnowski

The Tigers are pretty darn good at collecting gaudy individual feats, and now here comes Scherzer, hanging 10s all over the place. On a team of pitching stars, it's his turn to star.

Detroit Tigers' Closing Issue Has No Easy Solution
Motor City Bengals, Matt Pelc

I'd say so long as Valverde isn't in the equation, it's pretty easy.

Scherzer has turned into another Detroit ace
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

I still like pitcher wins, warts and blemishes and gaping scars and all. Are pitcher wins perfect? Of course not.

Game 68: It’s not just about wins with Scherzer
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

Max Scherzer clearly doesn’t want to be known as the guy who just wins games.

Always a Tiger: Ex-Tigers Currently in the Minors

This is kind of crazy actually.

Around the AL Central:

Twins 7, White Sox 5: Close games take their toll
South Side Sox, Jim Margalus

Ramon Troncoso's two-out, nobody-on walk to the batter before Joe Mauer sets stage for doom.

Royals Are Below-Average. White Lion Plays the Children of Kansas City to Sleep Tonight.
Royals Review, Josh Duggan

The Royals Royal and squander both a late-inning lead and a crucial out on the basepaths late in the game.

Elsewhere in baseball:

Freddie ‘Adult Buzz McCallister’ Freeman leads MLB in walkoff hits after beating Mets with homer
Big League Stew, David Brown

"Buzz, your girlfriend, WOOF."

On the Decline of Western Civilization ...
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee

Bob Costas doesn't like celebrations after a walk-off home run. Is this something worth complaining about?

How Vin Scully almost went to work for the Yankees
HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra

My favorite comment: "Would Scully have murdered Susan Waldman by now?"

The Curious Strategy of Letting Yourself Get Plunked
The Triangle Blog, Michael Baumann

One thing you'll notice watching the University of Louisville's baseball team is that most Cardinals hitters wear the same hard plastic elbow pad at the plate.