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GIF of the Day: Victor Martinez's diving, back-handed flip retires Jacoby Ellsbury

Victor Martinez made a diving stop and flip to rob Jacoby Ellsbury of extra bases in the sixth inning of today's game.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers' infield defense didn't have a great game today. Between Jhonny Peralta short-hopping a throw that lead to a hit by Dustin Pedroia -- although he looked to be out -- and Omar Infante airmailing a throw on a routine double play ball, the defense did Justin Verlander no favors when he was on the mound.

That changed when Drew Smyly took the mound, for whatever reason. Victor Martinez got his glove onto a sharp ground ball off the bat of Jacoby Ellsbury, then flipped to Smyly for an out at first. However, that description doesn't do the play justice. This does.


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