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Detroit Tigers trade rumors: Profiles of possible targets

Who might the Tigers acquire by the July 31 trade deadline to help lift them to a World Series run? We're here to help with profiles of all the best candidates.

Ed Zurga

With the July 31 trade deadline approaching in a little more than a month, Detroit Tigers rumors are going to be flying for the next month. What do they need? Where do they get it from? Reporters are going to be hard at work uncovering every twist and turn.

As a service to you -- and frankly, to us -- we're writing profiles on all the most likely candidates. We'll tell you what they're good at, what their contract looks like and whether they might be a good (and realistic) fit in Detroit. We're also reaching out to our friends from around the baseball network to give us things from the other point of view. Is there any chance in Hades of a deal happening? What might it cost the Tigers for that to happen?

Then when Ken Rosenthan or Jon Paul Morosi or Jon Heyman or any of our local beats report what they hear, you'll be able to check the profiles to make your own sense of any possible deal.

Sound good to you? Hope so!

Here's a list of players we're working on (but I'm also going to ask you to help by sharing trade candidates in our comments, which we'll try to add to the list as well). We concentrated on pitchers for obvious reasons, but are there position players we should add? Tell us!

I'll link to profiles as we publish them. Look for 2-3 a day.



Jose Veras


Steve Cishek
Ryan Webb


Francisco Rodriguez
John Axford


Bobby Parnell
Brandon Lyon


Scott Downs


Jonathan Papelbon


Kevin Gregg

White Sox

Jesse Crain


Glen Perkins


Tom Wilhelmsen




Share them!

Here's to trade season: When a pretty good baseball team has the opportunity to make itself great!

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